Posted on Jan 4, 2020

Recovery Central, Friends of Recovery Foundation

Since 1992, over one million addicts have had a place to come and learn how to survive the disease of addiction in the rooms of Recovery Central thanks to supporters like you. 💖The holidays are by far the most stressful period of the year for those who are new in recovery & may not have had the chance to rekindle those family connections, yet. Fortunately, we are able to receive donations all year long and do not have to rely only on our Spring & Fall fundraisers! As a result, we can keep the doors open for our regular meetings throughout this period and even add a few extra events to provide a warm and welcoming place for new friends and old ones to celebrate. If you missed our recent fundraiser in the holiday rush, please do not hesitate to click the button below that says "Learn More" which will take you to our Facebook donation page. We try to direct our supporters through Facebook because there are no 3rd party charges, so, you know exactly where your dollars go! Again, thank you for supporting our continuing mission to provide a facility for people with the disease of addiction searching for a new way to live through the 12 steps of recovery.
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